Unit Prices


General Notes: Listed above are Town and Country Cleaners’ unit pricing for most commonly dry cleaned and laundered items.   These prices are for general fabric materials, colors and processing requirements.   Those items requiring Special care (i.e., delicate, beaded, sequence, etc.), additional charges will apply.   Town and Country Cleaners will be happy to provide quotation for you on any items prior to dry cleaning or laundering.

Town and Country Cleaners also specializes in handling formal wear, wedding gowns, tuxedos, children’s clothing, leather goods, alterations, embroidery, fur, and household items such as comforters, bedding and linens.

Town and Country Cleaners would love to service your next garment cleaning and alteration needs!

Leather Garments: Please note that these prices are for general leather, colors and processing requirements.
Additional charges will apply for fancy trims and buttons that require special care or handling.
Cleaning leather is different than cleaning a fabric garment.
The actual price is determined by the cleaning requirements of each individual piece.

NOTE:  We reserve the right to change unit prices without prior notice.