24-HR Free Service

Have you ever experienced a situation when heading to your cleaners to pick-up your clothes just to find out it was already closed for the day or weekend?  And you needed to wear these clothes that day for an important Continue reading

Leather Cleaning

Cleaning leather is different than cleaning a fabric garment. Each leather piece is uniquely made and requires its own special solutions and processes depending on its construction, leather type, finish and color. Town and Country Cleaners’ professional leather care includes Continue reading

Laundry Cleaning

The laundry cleaning is the method of using water as the primary solution and combined with detergent, starch, and agitating machine.  It also requires the right pH balance and softened water to make that distinctive cleaned finish. Therefore, home washing machines typically cannot Continue reading

Household Items

Whether your home furnishings are custom made or off-the-rack, they still need to be cleaned periodically to prolong their life.  We will clean just about any type of household garments you have like bed sheets, comforters, linens, pillow cases, draperies, Continue reading

Fire and Water Damage

When garments have been exposed to house fire and/or flood, the most common problem is the removal of smoke odor and water stains. These types of garment damages can only be cleaned professionally and need to be done immediately. Delay Continue reading

Dry Cleaning

What is dry cleaning? Dry cleaning is the method of washing garments using solvents, not water. Most common garments that are made of silk, rayon, wool, satin, velvet, leather, and fur need to be dry cleaned only to avoid damages Continue reading

Delicate Garments

Not all garments were created equally. Formals, gowns, beaded and sequenced clothes require special attention to detail. Some may require manual cleaning process to avoid the excessive machine agitation that can cause possible tear, fading, color dye bleeding, and shrinking.

Area Rugs

Whether you have large or small area rugs, we can clean them for you. We offer free estimates before you agree to have us clean them. We will follow only the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations to avoid damages. Area rugs are Continue reading

Alterations and Repairs

We have in-house tailor for all you alteration needs whether it be shortening pants length, adjusting waistline and sleeves, fixing tear, etc.