Laundry Cleaning

The laundry cleaning is the method of using water as the primary solution and combined with detergent, starch, and agitating machine.  It also requires the right pH balance and softened water to make that distinctive cleaned finish.

Therefore, home washing machines typically cannot achieve the same professional result when you rely on city water quality alone.  Unfiltered minerals and unbalanced pH in the city water can add dullnish color on garments over time.

So what makes our professional cleaning service different is that we use only good quality water, special detergents and proven process.  The end result is the effective removal of soils and dirt on clothes while also retaining the whiteness and bright colors to keep them smelling fresh and looking neat and clean.

Caution:  If you accidentally stained your clothes, have them cleaned immediately.  The longer you allow the stain to settle, the more difficult, if not impossible for it to be removed.